Ecce Shnak

Ecce Shnak (pronounced Eh-kay sh-knock) is a 7-piece art-rock band. We're based in NYC. We're one part pop music, another part classical music, and a third part punk music. Our songs are about love, death, sex, change, bravery, and food.

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Letters to German Vasquez Rubio

by Ecce Shnak



Thursdee, March 21 at 11pm: Rockwood Stage 1 (New York, NY) FB EVENT

Fridee, April 5 at 7pm: Pianos (New York, NY) TICKETS / FB EVENT

Saturdee, April 6 at 7pm: Democracy Center (Boston, MA) FB EVENT

Sundee, April 7 at 7pm: Blue (Portland, ME)

Thursdee, May 2 doors at 7pm w/ Hey Guy: Coney Island Baby (New York, NY) TICKETS / FB EVENT

Fridee, May 3 at 8:30pm w/ Hey Guy: MilkBoy (Philadelphia, PA) TICKETS / FB EVENT

Fridee, May 10 at 8pm: The Grove (Fayetteville, WV)

Saturdee, May 11 at 7:30pm: Lucy Lane (Richmond, VA) FB EVENT


Toosdee, April 24th at 9 PM: GOLDSOUNDS (Brooklyn, NY)

Sundee, May 27th at 3 PM: the SHNAKATORIUM (NY, NY)

Thursdee, July 26th at 9PM: CAFE 9 (New Haven, CT)

Saturdee, July 28th at some time (TBD): BIG HEAVY WORLD (Burlington, VT)

Fridee, February 1 at 7pm: Pianos (New York, NY)

Sundee, February 10 at 7:30pm: Sunnyvale (Brooklyn, NY)

Saturdee, February 16 at 9pm: Johnny Brenda’s (Philadelphia, PA) SOLD OUT

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We’re friendly and we like to play shows or just say hi. Drop us a line at