Ecce shnak


Ecce Shnak (pronounced Eh-kay sh-knock) is a 9-piece art-rock band. We're based in NYC. We're one part pop music, another part classical music, and a third part punk music. Our songs are about love, death, sex, change, bravery, poop, and food.

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Letters to German Vasquez Rubio



Toosdee, April 24th at 9 PM: GOLDSOUNDS (44 Wilson Ave in Bushwick, Brooklyn)


Sundee, May 27th at 3 PM: the SHNAKATORIUM (2 Peter Cooper Road Apartment 4D New York NY. Buzzer=135)

      Ecce Shnak presents the Shnakaiad, a living-room show at a quiet-ass-but-still-killin'            

      volume. We on that whole Tiny-Desk but witout none of that vocal-fry nonsunse. It will be

      free as love and death (but mortals and immortals alike are welcome).

Thursdee, July 26th at 9PM: CAFE 9

      (250 State Street in New Haven, CT)

      $10 or pay what you can afford. We'll play with New Haven's fabulous Anonymous, Inc.

Saturdee, July 28th at some time (TBD): BIG HEAVY WORLD (404 Pine Street in Burlington, VT)

      $ also TBD.


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